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اشکالات در قواعد و گرامر
در این بخش منحصرا به سوالات و اشکالات گرامری رسیدگی میشه و میتونید

هر سوالی مربوط به این مبحث را در این تاپیک عنوان کنید تا بنده و دوستان

بطور کامل شما رو راهنمایی کنیم...

در زیر ساختار هایی از جملات رو براتون شرح میدم که هر موقع فعل بعد از این افعال بخصوص استفاده بشه

نباید قبلشون از حرف اضافه to استفاده کرد...دلیل خاصی هم نداره و باید با تمرین ملکه ذهنتون کنید...

تقربا هم یه اشکال عمده بین زبان اموزها شده و به این رویه غلط عادت میکنند.

The Infinitive without to

after auxiliaries/modals

can : He can run very fast
could : As a boy he could run very fast
may : I may fly to Africa this summer
might : I might fly to Africa this summer
must : I must go now
mustn't : You mustn't smoke here
needn't : You needn't go
shall : We shall sing a song
should : We should sing a song
will : She will cook a meal for his birthday
would : She would cook a meal for his birthday

after to do

do : I don't know

after the following expressions

had better : You had better clean up your room
would rather : Susan would rather study for her exam tomorrow
would sooner : I would sooner read a book than watch this film
why not : Why not ask your neighbour for help
why should we : Why should we go by car
why should we not : Why should we not go by car

after verbs of perception + object : action has finished

feel : She feels the rain fall on her face
hear : I heard Peter sing a song
notice : Mandy noticed the boy climb the tree
see : They saw him climb up the roof
watch : He watched the thieves steal a car

after let + object

let : Sandy let her child go out alone
Mother let her daughter decide on her own
let's Let's go for a walk through the park

after make + object

make : She made Peggy and Samantha clean the room

نشون دهنده اجبار منفي است (نبايد) ، مثلا
You mustn't call
نبايد زنگ بزنی

don't have to
نشون دهنده مجبور نبودن است (مجبور نيستي) ، مثلا
You don't have to dacne
مجبور نيستي برقصی


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